Who We Are

Who is e8ight
e8ight is an analytics and data aggregation company. We provide a management & engagement platform for businesses.

We are not just a social relationship platform, or a tech company; we are innovators dedicated to revolutionizing the way you manage your social data. We are a social intelligence engine that helps drive better decisions.

Social Network Management
Our innovative platforms and products are used to centralize and consolidate multiple social medias and online data allowing businesses to manage their perceptions through easy-to-use dashboards and reports.

Data, Data, Data!
Manage and grow your business through a deeper understanding of trends and analytics. We work with your business to understand what data points are key to your success and how we can help.

Social Marketing
Leverage insights and analytics to understand the level of engagement with your brand and identify new opportunities and markets to promote your brand.

Customized Solutions
Our platform is built based on data that’s collected from real life customers; ensuring that you’re not only listening to what your customers are saying but putting things into action too.

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